I've been interested in web development since the <blink> tag was still in the HTML spec. I've held seminars for teachers in High school how to build their very own webpages in Netscape Composer. Professional Technology dabbler over the last 22 years both as a hobbyist and a professional. I've Utilized skills and frameworks starting with the C programming language, all the way through meta language programming with Ruby utilizing Domain Specific Language and Thought patterns to automate server infrastructure. More recently I've taken on a role working on the Juju Charms ecosystem - a next generation service orchestration platform.


Efficiently managing small pods of developers. B2B business, sales, and manufacturing all have a long running history in my professional career. These work environments have built a strong foundation of Get a skeleton plan together, work as hard and quickly as possible, and if something gets in your way: turn.


Engineering solutions for Small Business, and fortune 500 companies alike brings me to a whole new level of understanding and scoping code requests. Not every client application can be an "off the shelf" google provided solution. Eventually you're going to have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. I've consumed over 20 API's in my development career. I'm looking forward to the next 20

Public Speaking

Training clients, speaking to students, and participating in meetups are par for the course. Teaching someone how to utilize your platform is just as important as every line of code that went into its production. If nobody can use it, its wasted opportunity. I bring with me 5 years of experience in speaking to peers about the development lifecycle, methodologies, and best practices.

Lifecycle Management

With every upgrade comes bug reports, system incompatibilities, and more change. Knowing when to start change management, continuous delivery patterns, and business goals are some of my specialty services. When developing a stack to run your application - vendor lock-in is also a concern. Don't live with it, manage it.


  • 2015
  • Config Management Camp

    Feb 2014

    This will be a multi-day, multi-track session of Juju lessons covering the basics of getting started, writing your first charm, examining advanced charm creation patterns, leveraging existing Configuration Management solutions, Integrating your existing product with Juju, Deploying OpenStack and Big Data Deployments.

  • FOSDEM2015

    Feb 2014

    Guest presenter to cover Service Orchestration with Juju - Automate any cloud.

    Slides are available on Speaker Deck
  • Floss Community metrics

    Feb 2014

    Building a community around juju involves traversing many firewalls, infrastructure barriers, and false positives. To gain deeper insight into our user adoption without going into an opt-in/opt-out model we have been evaluating some of our base machine metrics to find key performance indicators about our community. As we look to 2015 with these metrics, we're finding finer grained data points to drill down and derive more insights out of existing data and newer points to define success.

    Slides are available on Speaker Deck
  • 2014
  • Config Management Summit - Usenix

    Feb 2014

    Guest Presenting over System Orchestration with Juju. Presentation Resource

  • CMU - Industry Academia Partnership

    Feb 2014

    Attended a workshop as a guest presenter. Covered the origins of Service Oriented Architecture, Datacenter Management, and Juju

  • Software Engineer

    January 2014

    I started work at Canonical! I've joined the Juju Solutions team to help build and maintain the best data center orchestration tool in existence


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  • 2013
  • Developer Operations II

    October 2013

    Dramatically change the deployment, provisioning, and interaction with Corporate assets. Resolving Technical Debt is the given challenge, while improving user experience and management of systems.

  • Funding Success

    September 2013

    Funded a full years hosting to a Pittsburgh Startup. Ezra Digital aims to be a fully featured marketing agency, bringing small and medium business alike into 2013 by helping them establish their presence on the web.

  • Rivers Edge Alliance Group Project

    August 2013

    Implemented a full site recode from twin WordPress installations to a single LocomotiveCMS powered website

    Note: this project was delegated from Level Interactive

  • Public Speaking

    July 2013

    Returned to ITT Tech with Anthony Satkowski to speak to the Software Application Programming Class of 2013 about Marketing, Workplace environment choices, technology used in marketing, specialization of skills, and recycled a great presentation from GE347P.

    • Github Link:
    • View Presentation: here
  • Groovy Object Founded

    May 2013 - present

    Established Groovy Object to assist area businesses. Groovy Object dabbles in server administration, web presence management, and custom software solutions for businesses of any size.

  • Pittsburgh Habitat for Humanity Project

    Apr 2013

    Request for implementation of a Drupal 7 powered CMS for web content, Online donation management software, and CRM. Final Implementation stack: Drupal 7, CiviCRM, and StayClassy. See the results: here


    Note: this project was delegated from Level Interactive

  • Certified MongoDBA

    March 2013

    Obtained MongoDBA Certification - view here

  • 2012
  • ITT Technical Institute

    June 2012

    Graduated with Honors from ITT Technical Institute in Pittsburgh PA with an Associate of Science in Information Technology-Software Applications & Programming.

    National Technical Honor Society Member of National Technical Honor Society
  • 2011
  • Public Speaking

    Nov 2011

    Spoke publically about Source Code Management using GIT, or SVN to the Spring 2012 Graduating Class of ITT Tech.

    Want to see? View it on slideshare!
  • Stack Overflow Meetup

    Apr 6 2011

    Attended the Stack Overflow DC Meetup, networked and came in contact with Marco Ceppi. Who has been an invaluable unofficial business partner. This was the very beginning of my entrepreneurial spirit starting to fruit.

  • Director of Development

    Feb 2011 - Oct 2013

    Served as the sole developer for University-Bound & Level Interactive, a marketing startup founded in Edgewood PA. that has since grown to be the 9'th largest Digital Advertising Agency in Pittsburgh. Under my tenure the following awards were given to the company:

    • 2013 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur/Company of the Year>
    • 2013 #1 Company - PBT Fastest Growing Companies
    • 2013 Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania

  • 2010
  • Choice Pools and Hardscapes Redesign

    Dec 2010

    Began reworking a Macromedia Flash based website into an interactive Content Management Platform for a Pittsburgh area Pool and Hardscape Installation firm.

  • 2006
  • Process Documentation

    June 2006

    Developed and deployed a documentation cataloguing system for Moeller Marine. The primary directive was to facilitate in indexing blueprints for a Rotation Moulding Factory. The final leg of the project turned into process documentation. The end result? Greatness.

  • 2002
  • Operations Developer

    Apr 2002 - July 2002

    Managed & Supported an Open Radius powered Dialup Network (JTRON) in Rural Buffalo Missouri. Powered by FreeBSD servers, Windows 2000 servers, and a PHP Portal.


I'm always hacking on something. Recently my focus has been on client work and completing the given challenges for the newest members of my Groovy Family. Aside from featured new projects, you'll see random bits from my github feed show up here.

  • Rivers Edge Alliance

    With a professional approach to Business Valuation, Rivers Edge Alliance required a classy touch. Featuring a design from: Mike Mancini

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  • Choice Pools and Hardscapes Website

    Specializing in beautiful stone work, custom water features, and in-ground pool installation Choice Pools has been a great client. Look forward to a new online store, scheduling, and social campaign from them in 2014.

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  • Music Melter Website

    With a unique visual style, Music Melter is going to change the game for Musicians. Look for their launch in Mid to Late 3rd quarter 2014

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  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Pittsburgh

    Habitat for Humanity has helped over 94,618 family members in just the year 2012 alone - obtain their desired living space. Level Interactive kicked in a free Drupal 7 powered website, complete with CiviCRM contact management, and Event management software to help this brilliant Non Profit chapter in our own backyard.

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